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Smile / Soulparlor

Soulparlor - Smile

Tokyo Dawn

The trio from South Germany known as Soulparlor have steadily built a deep catalog of soulful broken beats, funky grooves and underground house that have won admirers from all around the globe. Their latest release "Smile" could very well be their strongest yet. Once again their disc represents a global collaboration of artists who pledge their allegiance to the funk. Erik Rico delivers two tracks here, "Out On The Floor" and "Wall"., both laced with funky synths. Amalia is an undisputed funk goddess and "Freakay Lady" oozes sweet nad sticky mid-tempo funk. Vocalist Leona Berlin is an artist to keep an eye on. Berlin contributes with three gorgeous dance tracks but "Cruel" is the highlight.. Capital A laments the watered down state of hip-hop while paying tribute to b-boys with "Nostalgia". "Smile" is one of those gems that you simply press play and walk away, it's that good. The trio's production skills combined with the vocal contributors ensure that you'll have a funky good time.

Reg Dancy, 03/15