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8 Miles To moenart / Tall Black Guy

Tall Black Guy - 8 Miles To moenart

First Word Records

Tasty hip hop beats and soulful samples have become synonymous with Detroit native Terrel Wallace aka Tall Black Guy”. “8 Miles to Moenart” is a tribute to his roots and of the lineage of the musical Detroit landscape that runs deep. That’s evident throughout this disc that features a touch of electro soul laced with hip hop and Jazz rhythms. Among the highlights are “The Dark Streets” an infectious down-tempo house track with a wicked beat.  “There’s No more Soul” is a warm down-tempo soul gem that is complemented by the wordless phrasing of Diggs Duke. Ozay Moore’s lyrics on “Mon Amie De’ Troit” combined with the laidback hip-hop beat captures the spirit of a day in the life of Detroit. A bit disappointing that there’s eight tracks here but an otherwise superb disc that will keep your head nodding with each listen.

Reg Dancy, 06/13