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Abyssinia & Abyssinia Rise / Te'Amir

Te'Amir - Abyssinia & Abyssinia Rise

Tru Thoughts

Drummer/producer Te'Amir is another artist to emerge from the deep well of Los Angeles. "Abyssinia & Abyssinia Rise" marries jazz and funk with Ethiopian rhythms. A release shaped in large part to Te'Amir exploring his Ethiopian roots. Among the highlights are "Habesha", a haunting piano driven hip hop track that features Rebekah Raff on harp. "Randal In Addis" is filled with spirited Afrikan horn rhythms courtesy of Randal Fisher. "The Quest" blends Ethiopian jazz inspired instrumentation and soulful vocals from Dustin Warren. A bit disappointing that it's under 25 minutes but this LP is a delightful listen. Te'Amir is someone to keep an eye on.

Reg Dancy, 03/19