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House Of Dreams / Thorne Miller

Thorne Miller - House Of Dreams

Stay True Sounds

The popularity of House Music in South Africa is unrivaled by any other country. Pretoria native Thorne Miller, one of the premier producers has made a significant contribution with a healthy catalog of quality EPs and remixes over the last five years to boost his status. "House Of Dreams", his first full length release embodies his signature sound of stripped down deep house grooves with a distinctive emotional vibe. Look no further than the title track, a pulsating tune enhanced by the soft and airy vocals of Jamie Fallon Smith. "The Sound Of Her Voice" is soothing atmospheric house layered with electronic rhythms. "Night Moves" just oozes with melancholic vibes punctuated by a driving house groove. Chances are you've grooved to a Thorne Miller track before and didn't even know it. This disc, highlighted by one superb track after another provides plenty of warmth and soulful goodness one graves in a dance track. It should also provide the accolades that Miller rightfully deserves.

Reg Dancy, 12/20