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25 Years of Mr Bongo / Various Artists

Various Artists - 25 Years of Mr Bongo

Mr Bongo

What started out as a small record store in London quickly emerged as one of the most influential record labels on the scene today. Mr Bongo, founded by David Buttle served as the lone supplier of early hip-hop that emerged from the states. In addition they became known as the source for hard to find Latin and Brazilian music. They steadily grew from there and found residency in Tokyo before finally settling in Brighton. "25 Years of Mr Bongo" celebrates the old and the new. From the storied legacy of hard to find Brazilian music to fresh sounds and new talents. Some of those timeless treasures include the sublime rhythms of "Carolina Carol Bela" from Jorge Ben & Toquinho and "Heaven" from Ebo Taylor. Future classics include the funky grooves and African rhythms of Blo's "Chant To Mother Earth" and "Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser" from Quarteto Em Cy. The hypnotic beat patterns of "Boa Noite" by Karol Conka represent the future of Brazilian hip-hop. For a trip into hip-hop's storied past look no further than The Incredible Bongo Band's classic "Apache. The wicked electric guitar riffs and the spirited percussion still resonates today. With one eye on the past and the other on the future, Mt Bongo continues to be a trailblazer for all manners of universal music.

Reg Dancy, 03/15