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Poison Fruit / Ivan "Mamao" Conti

Ivan "Mamao" Conti - Poison Fruit

Far Out Recordings

It's hard to imagine that "Poison Fruit" is Ivan "Mamao" Conti's first release in over twenty years. Although the legendary drummer is one third of the infamous group Asymuth, don't expect this to be your typical Asymuth album. Instead "Poison Fruit" is filled with experimental house beats and electronic rhythms. That's due in part to London based producer Daniel Maunick. Mamao was introduced to Maunick by his son Thiago Maranhao who serves as co-producer. Tracks like "Encontro" will sound right at home with the traditional Asymuth sound. While "Bacurau" opens with explosive percussion rhythm riding a bass driven house groove. The title track goes deeper into experimental left-field house with spacey synths. As a bonus there are some superb remixes from notable DJ/Producers like Glenn Astro, Max Graef just to name a few. Samba flavored jazz fusion combined with samples and electronics pays dividends here. Mamao and Maunick connect the dots and emerge with a splendid record.


Reg Dancy, 03/19

Dance Of The Falcon / Ivo Papasov

Ivo Papasov - Dance Of The Falcon

World Village

Magical long over due release from the stunning  Roma clarinettist. His playing is better than ever with even a variation on the Pink Panther theme getting his adventurous interpretation amongst wedding dances and jazz. An album of the year no question.


Graham Radley, 08/08

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