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Jazz Combo / Yatha Bhuta

Yatha Bhuta - Jazz Combo

All City

Yatha Bhuta is the collaboration of French producers Arnaud “Onra” Bernard and Buddy Sativa. When you think of Orna you generally think of funky boogie tunes but he takes a departure with this celestial Afro-jazz collection and the results are quite impressive. The opener “Universe Is Love” is deep spiritual jazz where the duo performs all instruments with Onra providing a touch of Spoken word and creating beautiful rhythms on percussion. “360” is another highlight filled with sublime joyful melodies thanks in part to Sativa’s work on Flute and vibes. Aja Monet provides profound poetry on “The Time is Now” and Orna creates melodic rhythms on the Kalimba. “Jazz Combo” captures the spirit of the timeless 60’s soulful jazz compositions we can’t get enough. This is an impressive release by Yatha Bhuta that is a joy to listen throughout and certainly begs for an encore.


Reg Dancy, 05/13

Follow Me / Yerba Buena

Yerba Buena - Follow Me

Wrasse Records

Here we get their two American releases (Island Life and President Alien) fused onto one release. Yerba Buena is the brainchild of 'the master chef of Urban fusion' Andres Levin whose track record (Nile Rogers, David Byrne, Chaka Khan and the Fela Kuti tribute 'Red Hot & Riot') speaks for itself. Here the dance party is mainly Latin based but as you'd imagine there's a whole lot more going on there too. The guests line up is mighty impressive too, including Carlinhos Brown, Les Nubians, Joe Bataan, Gogol Bordello, Fulantion etc. Excellent.


Graham Radley, 08/07

Re record Not Fade Away / Yesking

Yesking - Re record Not Fade Away


Rhys Adams aka Yesking returns with the follow up to his 2008 release. “Re-record Not Fade Away”, his first record for BBE is filled with soul infused dub-step beats, Roots Reggae and Hip-Hop rhythms.  Recorded live and by Adams himself, he comes away with a tighter sound than on his previous lp "Rock this World". In addition he’s also enlisted Patrick Hatchett, guitarist for The Soothsayers to enhance the sound that reverberates throughout the album. Rioghnach Connolly's heartfelt lyrics and melodious tones make for some engaging moments and elevate several tracks here. One of those tracks is the opener; "Hardground", a funky tune with restrained intensity and a thumping bass that gives you a sense that something special is brewing here. "Overproof", featuring Mel Uye-Parker is an engaging reggae tune with cheerful harmonies. "Chicken Chops" is another spirited reggae tune with funky horns and sweet organ rhythms. Kodjovi Kush adds a touch of afrobeat to the disc with the energetic “One More Time”. With other artists like Toddia T and Lady Chann packing supreme contributions into ten tracks, the result is an superb disc that deserves room in your musical rotation.


Reg Dancy, 02/13

Straight Outta Britain / YT

YT - Straight Outta Britain

Sativa Records

Without doubt, YT is one the hottest reggae producers in the UK. This debut album is totally brilliant. In fact I'm gonna push da boat out here and say this is one of the best albums 2006 has had to offer so far. The production is tight, the lyrics are superb and the riddums are the dogs down belows.
There is a load of reggae, a slice of dancehall and ragga with a sprinkle of drum & bass thrown in for good measure. YT has been kickin' about on dinked 45's for long time, so to finally release a full length of this quality is a real treat. 'Straight Outta Britain' features some toasting from Luciano, Horseman and JD but to name a few and each and every track is a belter. This album will not be off my stereo all Summer for sure. Do yourself a favour and check this out and turn it up!!!


Jax, 07/06

Equality / Yukihiro Fukutomi

Yukihiro Fukutomi - Equality

Pantone Music

To my surprise Fukutomi has produced eight albums prior to this release, which proves I've got some serious catching up to do. '˜Equality' is aimed straight at the dancefloor and includes a fine selection of grooves this will appeal to the house heads, well the ones with taste. If that isn't enough the vocalists are tiptop quality, which include: Rich Medina, Lady Alma, Ernesto, Victor Davis and Isabelle Antena. Top marks to Gav Smith for bringing Fukutomi to the UK masses.


Simon Harrison, 09/05

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