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Bright & Findley – Everything Is Slow [Athens Of The North]

In 2019 James Alexander Bright & Tom Findley made their presence felt with the single “Tigers Roar”. The single garnered critical acclaim and filled us with hope there was more to come. The wish has been granted. “Everything is Slow” is the debut from Bright & Findley. The eleven track disc is filled with laidback synth funk compositions tailored made for lazy Summer afternoons. Findley’s arrangements combined with Bright’s vocals are a potent mix. Among the highlights are the languid “When I look into the World” The swaying string arrangements and ambient soundscapes will warm your heart. “It’s Only Rain” is another downtempo delight. “NY Disco” is a nod to the Brooklyn Disco scene that also leans into eighties boogie. Warm and melodic, this is an electro soul gem that you shouldn’t miss.


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