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The Brkn Record – The Architecture of Oppression Part 2 [BBE Music]

Jake Ferguson, one half of the Heliocentrics returns with volume 2 of his solo project, The Brkn Record. While the theme of vol 1 centered on braking down oppressive institutions, vol 2 takes an extra step in calling out the injustices within the system. Ferguson certainly has enlisted an array of socially conscious artists to push this message forward. The mighty Anthony Joseph appears on three tracks here. “Skull Tax” comes in with a roar. A thumping bass groove and infectious electric guitar provides the canvas for Joseph’s thought provoking lyrics. “We Need Freedom” is a spirtual gem that kicks off with simmering percussion followed by searing Tenor sax and flute rhythms. UK vocalist Jermain Jackman’s falsetto moves the track to another level. “Prison of Skin” is another spiritual jazz keeper that speaks to the socio-economics prison that has held back countless communities. Ugochi Nwaogwugwu, a Nigerian singer/poet adds her heavenly vocals to the tune. A strong recording that entertains and enlightens you simultaneously.


Mario Luciano & Lauren Santi – Shades of Mauve [Madlib Invasion]

The Madlib invasion Music Library series continues with Producer Mario Luciano and vocalist Lauren Santi. “Shades of Mauve” is a collection of breezy jazz samples. Luciano’s keyboard arrangements take center stage while guitarist Gerson Zaragoza and drummer Ayepee play big roles. Santi’s vocal phrasings are spread throughout the fifteen track disc. “Inner Search” is layered with hazy synths and wordless vocal phrasings. “Psych Impression” is a cinematic offering highlighted by Santi’s opera styled vocals. “Blue Miles” captures the spirit of the Mountains with warm guitar and spacey rhodes. If you’re into laidback beats and dreamy soundscapes you’ll no doubt enjoy this one.


23rd January 2023

Basic Soul
The Basic Soul Show
23rd January 2023
Kutiman & Melike Sahin – Ellerin Hani? [Siyal Music]
Oldu O Zaman – Sigarasi Yaldizli [Bongo Joe Records]
Milton Nascimento, Pedro Casaldáliga & Pedro Tierra – Louvação À Mariana [Polydor]
Tunico – Sambola [Far Out Recordings]
Lucas Santtana – A TransmissĘo [NØ FØRMAT!]
Caixa Cubo – Sábado [Jazz & Milk]
Wütrio – Lament [BBE Music]
Roy Ayers – Love [Polydor]
Theodore Moon feat. Mammoth – Saturnalia [Inner Tribe Records]
SoulRocca feat. QnC – Classic Position [Beat Art Department]
WAAN – Lost [Sonar Kollektiv]
Afroham feat. Ginge & Cocabona – About You [Melting Pot Music]
Sonar Ghost – Meet The Weebles [Sector 12/12]
New Sector Movements & Allysha Joy – These Times [First Word Records]
Tour-Maubourg – Just Believe [Pont Neuf Records]
Jsphynx – Skippy [Sekito Records]
Alland Byallo – Karma Beach [Full Bleed]
Mark De Clive-Lowe feat. Abdul Shyllon – Relax… Unwind [MAW Records]
Minor Invention – Room 131 (Live Edit feat. Marquis Johnson) [4EVR 4WRD]
Ireke – Petit à Petit [Underdog Records]
Nicola Conte & Gianluca Petrella – African Spirits (Fred P. Reshape) [Schema Records]
Renee Geyer Band – Be There In The Morning [Athens Of The North]
Musclecars feat. Brandon Markell Holmes – Don’t Go [Toucan Sounds]
Tranquil Elephantizer – Trisha [Wicked Records]
Yuu Udagawa – Illuminated Night [Cyphon Recordings]

Tutu Amuse – Two To Amuse [Sonar Kollektiv]

Multi-instrumentalists Rosa Landers and Janek Van Laak are the duo better known as Tutu Amuse. The duo are the latest to emerge from the fertile Berlin music scene. “Two To Amuse” is a trippy collection of sublime psychedelic compositions. Landers’ tender vocals combined with Van Laak’s warped out rhythmic guitar is an intoxicating dose of mellow madness. “Cherry Rising” is a bluesy mediatitive tune driven by rumbling rhythms and Landers sultry vocals. “Ohm” is a laid-back electric guitar driven psychedelic gem. “Fertile” is another keeper with Landers vocals enhanced by deep calming basslines. Dreamy and soulful, “Two To Amuse” is a glorious ride that has a Portishead vibe. Simply put it’s another marvelous release from Sonar Kollektiv.


Daniel Villarreal – Panama 77 [International Anthem]

“Panama 77” is the debut of Panamanian born and Chicago based drummer Daniel Villarreal. The twelve track disc is layered with psychedelic Latin rhythms aligned with jazz fusion and folkloric sensibilities. Villarreal has been a fixture in the Chicago music scene, recently as a member of the group Dos Santos. The disc kicks off with “Bella Vista” where Villarreal demonstrates a keen sense of polyrhythms. Villarreal’s spirited percussion creates an enchanting groove for Elliot Bergman’s howling baritone. “In/On features labelmate guitarist Jeff Parker. Villarreal’s hypnotic percussion simmers over a samba beat alongside organist Dave Vettraino. With Parker’s glorious electric guitar rhythms layered on top you have an irresistible groove worthy of repeated listens. “Parque En Seis” opens with Villareal on congas and cow bells, paving the way for Bardo Martinez’s bass guitar grooves and synths. Chicago based International Anthem is known for their roster of genre bending jazz artists. Villarreal’s debut is left of center brilliance that stacks up well with their catalog.


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