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Go.Soul.Map – Peaceful Sound for Broken Minds [Space Echo]

“Peaceful Sound for Broken Minds” is the debut from Sicilian producer Salvo ‘Dub’ Bruno aka Go Soul Map. The twelve track lp is filled with dreamy soundscapes layered over warm melodic grooves. “Back In The Underwater”, the opening track features the sultry vocals of Reiwa Pia. It’s a downtempo gem heighthened by warmsynths. London based vocalist Derane Obika appears on nine tracks. “Fall Into The Flame” features Obika’s dreamy falsetto aligned with heavenly synths. While the tempo picks up on “Right Of Me”, Bruno’s production along with Obika’s vocals ensure that the mood remains the same. Bruno has created a marvelous record filled with warmth and is certain to put your mind at ease. I’m instantly transported to a place free of stress and full of engaging grooves.


Kai Meara – Statik [XVI Records]

London based beatmaker Kai Meara’s latest project “Statik” hits you like a warm Summer breeze. The twelve track disc starts and ends with warm and mellow beats and hypnotic chords. Like all good beat tapes it instantly puts you constant head nod mode and you willingly go along for the ride. The disc begins with “Self is Gone”, a hazy jazz infused mellow soul burner. “Madbass” seduces you with sizzling fender rhodes and wicked basslines. Maxing out at around twenty minutes, each track hits the mark and sets the mood while quickly moving onto the next track. Meara’s previous releases all have mellow textures but “Statik” packs more soulful grooves. All of them are a pleasant listen and this one is no exception.


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