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The Cleansing / Annabel (lee)

Annabel (lee) - The Cleansing


"The Cleansing" is the new album from Richard E and Sheila Ellis, better known as Annabel (Lee). Sheila's poetic songwriting and haunting vocal phrasings compliment the cinematic soundscapes arranged by Richard and they resonate throughout this disc. There are two themes to savor here. The A side is intimate acoustic folk highlighted by "Paris, Room 14" and "Move With Me" where  Sheila's vocals evoke a peaceful dreamy atmosphere. Strings and instrumentation drive the B side and evidence of that lies in the emotive "Autumn Requiem". "Far" is Avant garde folk and one of the highlights here. This is an intimate and peaceful disc wrapped around abstract sounds and howling classical imagery. A mystical voyage you shouldn't miss.

Reg Dancy, 09/17