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Road Trip / Beat Bronco Organ Trio

Beat Bronco Organ Trio - Road Trip


The Madrid based Beat Bronco Organ Trio isn't just another organ jazz trio. Instead they specialize in psychedelic funk and soul and demonstrate with aplomb over 10 tracks on their new release "Road Trip". They ease their way into this session with the aptly titled "Easy Baby". Once Lucas De Mulder's wah wah rhythms lure you in Gabri Cassanova's organ grinding grooves take over. Renowned Reedsman Chip Wickham jumps on two tracks here, "Squirtly" and "Electro PI". Drummer Antonio Paz Alvarez sets the tone with a wicked drum snare beat while De Mulder and Cassanova take full advantage trading head swiveling rhythms. Wickham's melodic flute phrasings is the missing ingredient of an otherwise tight knit group. This trio swings through this set with precision and dynamics while displaying a flair for a good groove. Come along for the ride, you're certain to have a good time.

Reg Dancy, 05/20