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Audrey Powne – From The Fire [BBE Music]

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Melbourne native Audrey Powne delivers her debut lp “From The Fire” on BBE music. The nine track release was written and produced by Powne. “Sleep” is inspired by lucid dreams Powne experienced and how they measured up to her reality. The track is a beautiful piano driven ballad. “Souled Out” is another emotive ballad that features Matt Keagan’s haunting phrasings on baritone sax. Powne’s string arrangements add another layer of emotion that will certainly stir your heart strings. Powne’s dexterity as a multi-instrumentalist are on display here. “Feed The Fire” is a mid-tempo track that showcases her soloing on Trumpet as well as her prowess as a pianist. A marvelous debut that weaves soul, jazz and classical elements seamlessly. Powne is a gifted artist you need to get familiar with.


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