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VA – Funk Tide – Tokyo Jazz Funk from Electric Bird 1978-87 [Wewantsounds]

“Funk Tide – Tokyo Jazz Funk from Electric Bird 1978-87” is available for the first time outside of Japan. The eight track lp is filled with atmospheric synth heavy jazz funk compositions. The tracks feature Japanese Saxophonist and composer Yasuaski Shimizu, Toshiyuki Honda and pianist Mikio Masuda. In addition, American artists Ronnie Foster and Bobby Lyle are on board as well. “Let’s Get Together” is a light and airy composition that features Masuda on the rhodes. Foster’s “Night Life” is laidback synth funk that would fit into any beatmakers bag of beats right now. “Funk Tide” provides a window into Japan’s early eighties music scene. Credit Tokyo DJ Notoya for digging into the Electric Bird catalogue and emerging with these tasty tracks.


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