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Key Elements / Key Elements

Key Elements - Key Elements

Sonar Kollektiv

DJ/Producer Marian Tone has been a fixture on the Berlin scene and his DJ sets feature his love for hip-hop, electronica and broken beat. Key Elements, his long awaited project on Sonar Kollektiv fuses these genres seamlessly with a touch of jazz to elevate this recording. Tone is joined by Drummer Waldi and Keyboardist and bassist Jim Dunloop. The opening track "Mike Needs Sugat" is laced with sweet colorful chordal soundscapes. "Orchestra Mode" is bursting with crystallizing keyboard like chords and bombastic drums. "Sua Onda" swings while shifting tempos, textures. and broken beat rhythms against a backdrop of gorgeous rhodes melodies. Toneis hits the mark with an impressive debut that's harmonic and melodic. I’m already looking forward to what he does next.

Reg Dancy, 06/20