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Love Stories EP / Sun Circle

Sun Circle - Love Stories EP


"Life Stories EP" is the first release from Simon Skolfield and Deborah Jordan since 2009's "Reborn". The duo certainly has been busy during that span with Jordan's solo projects and Skofield's array of production credits for his Futuristica label. With all the activity it's a pleasant surprise that they found time for this splendid six track EP. The disc kicks off beautifully with "Cry". The steady deliberate down-tempo beat and heavenly melody create a perfect canvas for Jordan's hauntingly beautiful vocals. "My Heart" oozes with emotion. Jordan's heartfelt lyrics combined with the sublime classical instrumentation will tug at your heart strings. The title track is another down-tempo treat filled with warm keys and strings. Marc Rapson's rework adds a little more bounce while transforming it into an atmospheric gem. Sun Circle delivers a marvelous EP that is warm, fresh and lush. The Futuristica family continues to gift us with one superb recording after another.

Reg Dancy, 05/21