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Time To Testify / The Baker Brothers

The Baker Brothers - Time To Testify

Record Kicks

Over the course of six full length albums, The Baker Brothers have demonstrated that they can pack a solid one two punch with a killer rhythm section and a hip winding funky horn section. On their seventh full length release “Time To Testify”, they continue to keep the pedal to the metal with an assortment of stripped down soulful grooves. The group starts out with a bang with the revved up “Statement Of Intent”, with the band contributing backing vocals as well. “Make Your Move” finds them slowing down the tempo into a sizzling laidback groover that displays impeccable rhythm guitar playing. Collectively the band displays strong vocal harmonies on several cuts but it is the instrumentals that really stand out for me. For instance “Roll It” kicks off with some irresistible rhythm guitar strumming followed up with some serious funky drumming.  And there is the silky soulful “The Young Patter”, which was featured on “The Mo’ Record Kicks Act II” compilation, the band lays down a nice groove and horn section gets down and dirty with the funk. “Snap B” is a definite keeper that has a catchy vocal chorus but also displays some greasy Hammond B3 organ playing. This is another strong effort from one of the tightest bands in the modern soul movement that is certainly worth checking out.

Reg Dancy, 10/11