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2 Steps Away / The Pendletons

The Pendletons - 2 Steps Away

Bastard Jazz

Bastard Jazz consistently delivers quality recordings spanning a variety of genres since 2001. "2 Steps Away" the debut lp from The Pendletons is no exception. The duo of E Da Boss and Trailer Limon showcase their love of vintage boogie funk reminiscent of the eighties era that produced so many funk bands. Now armed with a full horn section to mesh with the band, they're set to take their sound to another level. The sublime "Blessings for the World" opens the album with an infectious groove augmented by gorgeous harmonic vocals and keys. Guitarist Jeff Locket's spirited plucking fuels "No Regrets" an uplifting boogie funk banger that would fit easily into a Shalamar or Dynasty catalogue. "19 Flavors" is disco funk at it's best ripe with a thumping rhythm, pulsating groove and vocals by Ishtar to top it off. The Pendletons are all about making that feel good music that slips into your body and forces you to move. If you don't you need to check your pulse.

Reg Dancy, 12/19