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If Music Presents: You Need This - World Jazz Grooves / Various Artists

Various Artists - If Music Presents: You Need This - World Jazz Grooves


Over the past fifteen years If Music's label head Jean Claude has built a well deserved reputation by securing quality obsure vinyl recordings. His latest "You Need This World Jazz Grooves" is no exception as he joins forces with fellow record collector Victor Kiswell. Kiswell has traveled the world in search of rare gems and returned with some quality gems here. Among the highlights are the spoken words of Billy Bang Survival Ensemble on "Illustration". "Timbuktu" is a infectious jazz tune brimming with explosive horns and percussion from Dutch Clarinet/Composer Theo Loevendie Consort. "Itwenty Five" is a tender ballad from atloist South African exile Joe Malinga. Jean Claude has delivered yet another impressive compilation. As the compilation title says, "You Need This"!

Reg Dancy, 02/19