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The Djoon Experience / Joe Clausell Black Coffee

Joe Clausell Black Coffee - The Djoon Experience


“The Djoon Experience” is an experience in dance culture of great proportions. The infamous club located in Eastern Paris captures the spirit of good vibes and soulful house music. The latter of which is in large supply thanks to acclaimed DJs Joe Clausell and South Africa’s own Black Coffee. If your feet and hips aren’t moving within minutes of “The Djoon Experience” compilation then I suggest you check your pulse. Joe Clausell and Black Coffee blend infectious house music that lifts your spirits and transports House music enthusiasts to a place filled with peace love and harmony. Like all the great DJs, Clausell and Coffee capture the mood of party people that frequent the club and propel them to greater heights with a tasty assortment of past and future classics. Among those treats are Gregory Porter’s “1960 What!”, Hugh Masekela’s “We are One” and Ian Friday’s remix of “My Love Song” featuring Nickson. Other highlights include “All Alone” featuring Vikter Duplaix and the DJ Kent Club mix of “Sunrise” featuring Zaki Ibrahim. There’s much more to savor but believe me, “The Djoon Experience” is a highly recommended purchase that will remind you why you love House music so much in the first place.


Reg Dancy, 06/13

Symphonica / Joe Lovano

Joe Lovano - Symphonica

Blue Note Records

Fans of straightahead jazz know that Joe Lovano is one of the most important tenor saxophonists in the business. His catalogue is far too long to list here. As impressive as he has been through the years, his latest may be one of his best. “Symphonica”, his 20th recording for Blue Note, is an orchestral masterpiece. The main reason for that is the enlistment of the WDR Radio Big Band from Cologne, Germany. With the exception of “Sound Of Love”, the other six tracks are his own compositions that he previously recorded for other projects. One of those compositions is “Eternal Joy”, an energetic track that finds Lovano playing soprano and creating melodic explorations. “Alexander the Great” is another gem that is also full of fire but is very elegant and imaginative. “I’m All For You” is a lovely ballad that is full of lush strings and romantic harmonies. Warm and cinematic, “Symphonica” is wonderful work by an underrated giant. Make sure you don’t miss out on this.


Reg Dancy, 12/08

Both Directions At Once - The Lost Album / John Coltrane

John Coltrane - Both Directions At Once - The Lost Album


This is comparable to finding buried treasure. Or as Sonny Rollins said, "It's like finding a new room in the Great Pyramid". I'm referring to the recently discovered recording by the infamous John Coltrane quartet. These are compositions that Coltrane recorded on March 6, 1963 the day before his duet recording with Johnny Hartman. At this stage in his relationship with Impulse he had the ability to come into the studio and record whenever he wanted. The result of this session is seven tunes, three of them untitled. The album opens with "Untitled Original 11383", a fiery tune with Coltrane on Soprano. The quartet is in peak form with Elvin Jones pulsating polyrhythms and McCoy Tyner's soloing provide superb support. "Untitled Original 11386" finds the quartet hitting hard on the Latin flavored melody. "Villa" is a bluesy number with Coltrane recording alternative takes on Tenor and Soprano. What can be said about this quartet that hasn't been said already. Just another tremendous record by one of the best quartets of all time. Don't hesitate to purchase.


Reg Dancy, 10/18

This Is How We Dew / Johnick

Johnick - This Is How We Dew


If you happen to be one of the night clubbers who worked up a sweat in the underground clubs during the nineties there’s a strong chance you jacked your body to a Johnick track or two. If you were in New York City then the chances are even greater considering Johnny ‘D’ DeMairo and Nicky Palermo crafted countless house tracks just across the bridge in nearby Brooklyn and received numerous spins by the top DJ’s throughout NYC and around the globe. In fact alongside premier House labels like Strictly Rhythm, Johnick’s Henry Street imprint produced some of the hottest House music during this period. Now courtesy of BBE, you get to experience their deep douse grooves that remain relevant and certain to make you move throughout the night. “This Is How We Dew” is filled with classics such as “Play the World”, aided by a sample of another house banger; River Ocean’s “Love and Happiness. “The Captain” is a deep and soulful track that instantly fills any dance floor and “Smoke” is a superb edit of the Eddie Kendricks classic. This double lp is filled with funky four to the floor beats, not to mention a snapshot of two world renowned DJ/producers and their essential contributions to House music.


Reg Dancy, 09/12

Hear, O Israel: A Prayer Ceremony In Jazz / Jonathan Klein/Herbie Hancock

Jonathan Klein/Herbie Hancock - Hear, O Israel: A Prayer Ceremony In Jazz

Jonny Records

Record collector extraordinaire Jonny Trunk launches his new Jonny label (subsidiary to Trunk) in fine style with a reissue of this “rare as rocking horse shit” album. Originally released in 1968 as a private pressing in limited quantities it was the work of a young composer (only 17 years old at the time) Jonathan Klein who married Hebrew song and prayer with New York modern jazz. With players of the caliber of Herbie Hancock, Thad Jones, Ron Carter, Jerome Richardson and Grady Tate this makes for a glorious listening experience. From the opening intro ‘Blessing Over The Candles’ which comes on like the dawning of a bright new day, through intoxicating moments like ‘Sanctification’, the bossa flavoured ‘Kiddush’ to the concluding ‘Final Amen’ this music is truly a blessing to behold.


Andy Allen, 09/08

Beat Tape / Jonny Drop

Jonny Drop - Beat Tape

Albert's Favourites

London based DJ Jonny Drop latest release "Beat Tape" offers a myriad of rhythms that your average beat tape doesn't. Instead of your usual electronic drum patterns supplying the beats there are snare drum rhythms reminiscent from the seventies soul period that provide the foundation. Not too surprising considering Drop is an avid drummer himself. Add some sassy jazz vocal samples and astral melodies and you have a recording that provides definite satisfaction. Highlights include "Mind field" is cosmic jazz funk with ethereal vocal samples. "Billy's Girl"features spacey keys and dreamy soundscapes. "This Is The One" is filled with haunting vocals and strings. This release is filled with superb remixing as well as a glimpse into Drop's musical archive. As far as beat tapes go, this is definitely a cut above the rest.


Reg Dancy, 05/16

The Only Sound / Jonny Drop

Jonny Drop - The Only Sound

Albert's Favourites

Drummer/beatmaker Jonny Drop's last solo release "Beat Tape" demonstrated a niche for soulful hip hop infused grooves. Since then he formed the jazz funk band The Expansions where his sound continues to evolve. On his latest solo record it's evident that his growth as an artist has gone to another level. "The Only Sound" is a warm imaginative soulful journey ripe with beautiful vocals, quality samples and instrumentation. "The Looking Glass" is an blissful mid tempo beauty that features heavenly vocals from Sarah Williams White. Grace Walker blesses the soulful guitar driven "Flashlight". "Moon Food" is tinged with psychedelic rhythms and features premiere reedist Tamar Osborn on flute. Drop seamlessly blends live drumming with loops and beats so you can't tell one from the other. It all adds up to an superb listening experience that you'll have on repeat


Reg Dancy, 10/18

Rap Album One / JonWayne

JonWayne - Rap Album One

Stones Throw

Long before "Rap Album One", Jon Wayne showcased his skills as a producer with the instrumental album "Bowser" as well his three "Cassette" mixtape series. So it's no surprise to find him successfully performing dual roles on his Stones Throw debut. JonWayne's dark yet introspective lyrics serves as an open book that reveals a man with a plan who has little time for playing the fake thug role. This is evident on the track like"Find Me In The Future". where he states "You won't find me doing those silly dances with the proverbial gun to my face. This ain't Kansas!". On "You Can Love Me When I'm Dead" he displays his lyrical skills and art of story telling over a chilling chopped up piano sample. Other highlights include "Black Magic" and "The Come Up". "Rap Album One" succeeds due to JonWayne's ability to wax poetic on his story as opposed to rehashing tired cliches. For hip-hop heads who can appreciate lyrical skills and tight production, he's certainly worth checking out.


Reg Dancy, 01/14

Black Magic / Jose James

Jose James - Black Magic

Brownswood Recordings

Unless you took up residence on the moon two years ago, you surely were among those who celebrated a new voice in Jazz. With “The Dreamer”, Jose James serenaded jazz and non-jazz lovers with a voice not heard since the likes of Johnny Hartman. His velvet tone coupled with outstanding compositions made “The Dreamer” a huge hit. Two years later, Jose returns with “Black Magic” and it’s clear that he’s intent on not reinventing the wheel. Instead he steps out of the box and crafts a gorgeous disc filled with a variety of compositional styles that embarks on an exploration of deep spiritual love and the joy that it brings. The disc starts out with “Code”. The flying Lotus production is a down-tempo hypnotic groover that will have your head nodding within seconds. From this point on, love and sensuality permeates throughout the disc. “Touch” is an intimate portrayal of a man expressing his deep feelings for his mate. Pianist Gideon Van Gelder, who produced and arranged the tune, lays down a beautiful melody for Jose to work his eh, magic. No pun intended. “Promise You Love” is an up-tempo beat driven gem that’s produced by DJ Mitsu The Beats and features Jordana De Lovely on accompanying vocals and Takuya Kuroda on trumpet. “The greater Good” is a soft jazzy number that features precision horn arrangements as well as Gideon on fender Rhodes while Jose courts a woman who may ultimately be the special lady he desires. Jordana appears again on the Taylor McFerrin produced “Love Conversation”, a track that oozes warmth and sensitivity exchanged between two lovers. “No Tellin” may be the only track that resembles anything close to “The Dreamer”. Produced by James, this is a haunting ballad arranged in a trio format that also features him on piano as well. Whatever you do, don’t bother comparing the two discs. Clearly “Black Magic” stands on it’s own as an exceptional record by a rising star. Without a doubt you need this in your collection.


Reg Dancy, 03/10

No Beginning No End / Jose James

Jose James - No Beginning No End

Blue Note

Jose James wants this to be clear; he’s no longer a Jazz singer. Despite this being his debut for the historical Jazz label known as Blue Note, he’s broken free of the restrictions that come with the title so that he can make music without boundaries.  Rest assured that after one listen to “No Beginnings No End”, you’ll applaud the direction he is heading in. James new release fuses elements of soul, hip-hop and folk brought to life by the likes of Robert Glasper, Chris Dave, bassist Pino Palladino and others. The disc kicks off with “It’s All Over Your Body”, a sultry down-tempo tune with a thick groove that oozes warmth and sensuality. “Do You Feel” is a bluesy soul burner that features a wonderful solo from Pianist Kris Bowers. James also performs duets with two talented vocalists here as well. Moroccan singer Hindi Zahra’s voice blends seamlessly with James on “Sword & Gun” and Emily King on the lovely “Heaven On The Ground”. King, who wrote the latter, also wrote the folk flavored “Come To My Door” as well. Jose James sets the mood for love and the high level of quality compositions that make up this superb disc will put you in the mood, rest assured.


Reg Dancy, 02/13

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