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Extensions / 4Hero Presents

4Hero Presents - Extensions

Raw Canvas Records

4Hero receives the ultimate compliment when various artists provide alternate takes on their rich catalogue of timeless music. “Extensions” features an acclaimed list of musicians who transform their tunes into an elegant acoustic jazz ensemble. The Sonar Kollektiv Orchester starts things off with “Universal Love”, which becomes a symphonic beauty that is augmented by the vocals of Clara Hill, Esther Cowens and Wilson Michaels. The Robert Mitchell Trio does a masterful job by turning “Third Stream” into an acoustic gem. With so many superb performances it’s difficult to select a standout but Ayanna Witter-Johnson’s cover of “Give In” certainly deserves honorable mention. Ayanna, who has performed with Courtney Pine’s Jazz Warriors has such a beautiful voice that it’s a crime she doesn’t have her own album to listen to. Other highlights include the Sub Ensemble’s version of “Humans” and “Star Chasers” gets flipped into an acoustic folk jazz. This marvelous collection will not only satisfy 4Hero fans but will invite an entire new audience to the legacy that Marc Mac and Dego have built.

Reg Dancy, 11/09