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All These Worldz / Def Harmonic

Def Harmonic - All These Worldz

Brilliante Records

Milwaukee's Jason Todd, Lunaversol9 and Epicenter are back with their second Def Harmonic album which of course features more mad, yet damn funky beats and quality vocals. Jason's voice is not only unique but he switches between rapping and singing seamlessly and works a treat with Lunaversol9's verse. As with all their previous work there is a real fun factor to their lyrics, and the track this style peaks with is the 2005 anthem 'Spaced Out', a track I've been hammering for months. Having checked these guys live at Cargo earlier this year, they are going to be a force to be reckoned with over the coming years. With 'All These Worldz' being the sound of now, why on earth haven't these guys been signed to a major?

Simon Harrison, 12/05