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Ill Considered 3 / Ill Considered

Ill Considered - Ill Considered 3


In a short time, Ill Considered has built a reputation as a unit delivering inspired meditative as well as spiritual jazz compositions. Although "Ill Considered 3" contains material written specifically for this recording, the group still manages to stretch out and improvise on the fly. By doing so they've captured the spirit of the live performances they've become known for. Each recording here starts out with warm, if somewhat loose melodies before they begin to push the boundaries. None more so than saxophonist Idris Rahman. "Djinn" begins with Leon Brichard's simmering bass groove along side Vincent De Boer's mystical brushes that create a mood of an ethereal passage. Rahman's sax is warm yet powerful and full of raw emotion. "Delusions" pushes the tempo into high gear with the help of percussionist Satin Singh. Rahman's melodic flourishes coat every composition and they are a thing of beauty. There's a lot going on with these recordings and each member brings their own unique set of skills to the table. This is essential listening that you shouldn't miss.

Reg Dancy, 11/20