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Ruff Draft Deluxe / J Dilla

J Dilla - Ruff Draft Deluxe

Stones Throw Records

In 2003 Dilla's "Ruff Draft" was released and I remember a lot of the hiphop heads, beat makes and shop assistants getting rather excited over the delivery of this EP. As it was only released on vinyl, it didn't seem to get the mass attention that everyone expected and of course deserved. I'm certain all the people who picked it up at the release will be informing all their friends that they bought the first pressing but of course that's common with all record collectors. Thankfully Stones Throw have given us a second chance, rather than bid for the high prices of the original on Ebay. There are a few added extras included in the "Deluxe" version and one cover version you may not expect: Slade "Come Feel The Noise" but of course in Dilla's inevitable style. His legacy continues to inspire, educate and entertain.

Simon Harrison, 03/07