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La Busqueda / Karmasound

Karmasound - La Busqueda

Phuture Shock Muzik

Barcelona based producer and multi-instrumentalist Damian Botigue aka Karmasound has demonstrated a flair for fusing various styles with infectious grooves. Starting with his 2018 EP "Probabilidades" was a mashup of Latin vibes spread across broken beat and funk rhythms. Now with his full length début "La Busqueda" he takes the energy up another level. Botigue turns up the tempo with "Dando Vueltas", a splash of piano melodies and synths layered over blistering conga rhythms. "Instantes" is another vibrant piano driven tune complemented by spirited percussion tailor made to fill a dance floor. "Se va" is a mellow tune that allows you to catch your breath but is equally satisfying. With a foundation of early Latin Jazz fused with the forward thinking sounds of today, Karmasound's full length début is invigorating and a flat out winner.

Reg Dancy, 02/20