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20+ years rooted in jazznotjazz / Various Artists

Various Artists - 20+ years rooted in jazznotjazz


Jan Henning and the late Name Vaughn shared a vision for cutting edge genre bending music. Together they sought to create a home where up and coming musicians would have the freedom to create compositions as their vision sees fit. With the birth of the Germany based INFRACom, consider their mission accomplished. "20+ years rooted in Jazznotjazz" isn't embedded in one particular genre but a myriad of musical styles. This compilation features a number of artists who've contributed to their impressive catalog over the years. Jan's love for electronica is evident on the self produced drum n bass banger "Megashira". "Reicht" is a funky number filled with wicked synths and broken beats. When it comes to Jazz fusion, "Celebration Of Life" is as good as it gets. This twelve minute gem is highlighted by superb ensemble playing, particularly on trumpet and blissful melodies and rhythms. Vocalist Mediha Rustempasic  joins Re:jazz to create soulful bliss on "Love Will Find You". What started as a labor of love has morphed into one of the most important independent labels today. A deeply satisfying record that you shouldn't miss.

Reg Dancy, 11/14