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Various Artists – 20 Years of Bastard Jazz [Bastard Jazz Recordings]

Since its inception in 2001 Bastard Jazz Recordings has been one of the premiere labels for hip-hop and boogie funk recordings. The Brooklyn based label has steadily bolstered its reputation as a home for emerging independent global talent. “20 Years of Bastard Jazz” highlights 20 tracks from a deep vault by an eclectic array of artists. The hip-hop duo Potatohead People are two of the frequent contributors to the label. “Bonzai View” is warm mellow synth funk while “Sunflower” is an infectious dance track courtesy of a DJ Spinna remix. “Keep It Working” from The Pendletons is a body shaking dance track with a tasty groove. LA based DJ/Producer B. Bravo’s brand of laid back synth funk is on display with “Can’t Keep My Hands Off You”. “Majestic Diver” by Manatee Commune has a swaying up-tempo groove tailor made for late night cruising. There’s much to savor from this non-stop boogie wonderland. As far as compilations go, you definitely need this one.


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