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Bonobo – Fragments [Ninja Tune]

For many of us 2020 sapped the optimism out of us and finding inspiration was dim. As a result Si Green aka Bonobo went through a period of writers block and felt the need to step away for a bit. Not only did he eventually find the spark, he may in fact created his best album to date. “Fragments” features an array of talented vocalists to an album filled with superb electronic as well as acoustic recordings. “Tides” features blissful vocals from Jamilla Woods was one of the tunes that helped Bonobo get his groove back. “Sapien” is a signature Bonobo electronic tune with infectious beats and synths. The finale “Day by Day” is an uplifting soulful tune featuring Kadhja Bonet. Other notable contributions feature Jordan Rakei and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson among others. This is a testament of transcending through the darkness and finding the light through music. Simply a marvelous record and a welcome return.


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