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John Beltran presents Sol Set – Ola de Novo [All Good Music Label]

“Ola de Novo” by Sol Set evokes images from Sao Paolo. It’s one of the latest projects from Detroit native DJ/Producer John Beltran. Beltran emerged in the late nineties Detroit techno and house scene and later would release recordings on Ubiquity records. With “Ola de Novo” Beltran reunites with Guitarist/producer John Arnold and songwriter Jeremy Ellis among others. “Aztec” originally written by Beltran twenty years ago kicks the disc off. A percolating samba tune with a gorgeous piano melody. Beltran revisits this track and in turn becomes the springboard for the entire album. “Sugarloaf” simmers with infectious percussion. “Rhythm Of The Sun” is a sun drenched Samba tune oozing with hypnotic percussion and emotive vocals from New York based artist Sofa Knezevic. Sol Set is the first release from Beltran’s label All Good Music. It’s a nine track delight with grooves to dance to or simply vibe out to. This is essential listening and a welcome return by Beltran.


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