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Divorce From New York – Sausalito [High Praise Edits]

Producer Alvaro Granda aka Divorce From New York returns with his sophomore LP “Sausalito”. You may be familiar with Granda as one half of San Sebastian based production duo Reykjavvik606. They’ve worked with the likes of Tenderlonious and Ishmael Ensemble among others. “Sausalito” is filled with rugged broken beat rhythms layered with mind bending chords and harmonies. The opening track “Sausalito” kicks off with euphoric chords before easing into a sparse, edgy hypnotic rhythm. “Paralelo66” erupts with heavy bruk rhythms and wobbly synths. “Last Day of Sunset” oozes with infectious Summertime energy and good vibes. The pulsating Disco rhythms make this a worthy highlight. “Mapacho River” is a sonic journey aligned with a rough edged drum kick and jungle rhythms. Short and sweet with only seven tracks, Granda delivers a banger with each track packing a big punch. Granda is someone to keep an eye on. With beats like these I can’t wait to hear what he does next.


Tune In


03:00 African FM

04:00 Pool FM
13:00 Dinamo FM
14:00 Ness Radio


19:00 Radio 42
19:00 RauteMusik.FM

22:00 Educa Web Radio


22:00 ASSK Radio


11:00 Ness Radio

15:00 Pattern Radio