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David Versace – Okra [La Sape]

Austrailian based Pianist/Composer David Versace turns in a potent release with “Okra”. Versace’s seven track debut demonstrates his versalitity as a piniast, not to mention his work on double bass and percussion. The opener “Summer Party” brings a Latin flavor to the party. Trumpeter Curtis Scibilla puts his stamp on the recording with infectious vamps. “Saguaro” sparkles with strong percussive rhythms and a hypnotic bass groove. “KP Cruisin” is a modal tune that builds with adventurous polyrhythms. Drummer Jasper Gundersen’s rhythmnic five-four time provides a perfect canvas for Scibilla’s blissful soloing. A shame there’s only seven tunes here. Versace’s compositions make for a marvelous record. Austrailian based La Sape records is a label filled with superb recordings and this release is no exception. Versace is indeed one to keep an eye on.


Tune In


03:00 African FM

04:00 Pool FM
13:00 Dinamo FM
14:00 Ness Radio


19:00 Radio 42
19:00 RauteMusik.FM

22:00 Educa Web Radio


22:00 ASSK Radio


11:00 Ness Radio

15:00 Pattern Radio