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Cody Currie – Lucas [Toy Tonics]

East London born multi-instrumentalist Cody Currie makes a splash with his full length debut “Lucas”. Now based in Berlin, Currie’s debut is coming out on Toy Tonics. The Berlin based label is well known for infectious House grooves. “Lucas” delivers instant party vibes while blending a touch of house, funk and Disco grooves. In addition, Currie has some very talented friends on board here starting with vocalist Jitwam on the infectious boogie tune “Red Hot”. Ziggy from the Austrailian band Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange injects their brand of jazz infused funk grooves to the track and also on “Deja Vu”. Other highlights include “Night Sky”, another percolating dance track featuring vocalist Eliza Rose. A number of burning house flavored tracks round out the disc. Currie eschews sampling and adds live instrumentation that adds warmth. You’re certain to have happy feet with this impressive release.


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