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Caixa Cubo – Agoro [Jazz & Milk Recordings]

“Agoro” is the new release from the Brazilian trio Caixa Cubo. Their eight track release is a free flowing soundscape of warm rhythms, soft melodies and tenderlyrics. It’s layered on top of burning Brazilian Jazz funk. The opening track “Asase” is a simmering tune filled with hypnotic fender rhodes and a engaging chorus. The title track erupts with boundless energy highlighted by Trumpeter Matthias Schriefl. Schriefl’s flurries are the ying to the bands yang. Joao Fideles’s drumming will lift your feet off the ground and Henrique Gomide’s funky vamping are a warm summer breeze of rhythms. Although the disc wraps up around twenty five minutes, it packs a punch nonetheless. This ia a formidable trio to keep an eye on.


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