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Erin Buku – Self Titled [Inner Tribe Records]

Austrailian Vocalist, DJ/Producer Erin Buku delivers an engaging self titled debut. The nine track album is a laidback array of tasty RnB soulful hip hop grooves. “Dreamers” is a mid-tempo hip hop track that showcases her tender vocals. It’s an uplifting tune where Buku artfully encourages everyone to follow their dreams. “Ley Lines”, co-produced by Inkswel is awash with serenading horns and melodic textures. “The Way” erupts with ebulient electronic rhythms aligned with Buku’s emotive vocal harmonizing. Buku is just another example of the bottomless well of talent from Austrailia that’s well worth checking out.


Go.Soul.Map – Peaceful Sound for Broken Minds [Space Echo]

“Peaceful Sound for Broken Minds” is the debut from Sicilian producer Salvo ‘Dub’ Bruno aka Go Soul Map. The twelve track lp is filled with dreamy soundscapes layered over warm melodic grooves. “Back In The Underwater”, the opening track features the sultry vocals of Reiwa Pia. It’s a downtempo gem heighthened by warmsynths. London based vocalist Derane Obika appears on nine tracks. “Fall Into The Flame” features Obika’s dreamy falsetto aligned with heavenly synths. While the tempo picks up on “Right Of Me”, Bruno’s production along with Obika’s vocals ensure that the mood remains the same. Bruno has created a marvelous record filled with warmth and is certain to put your mind at ease. I’m instantly transported to a place free of stress and full of engaging grooves.


Ahu – Stellar [Mythstery Records]

Hard to believe that this is Ahu’s first solo project. The Turkish singer/songwriter has guested on numerous projects over the past fifteen years. You may recognize her voice from the Flying Lotus track “Roberta Flack”. “Stellar” features amixture of laidback and uptempo tunes that showcase her vocal talents. “I and I” starts the disc off with dreamy chords that complement her feathery vocals. “Same Sky” is a mid-tempo finger poppin’ tune with a soulful horn section. “Good News” is an uptempo sixties flavored soul number with an infectious drum snare beat. “Stellar” allows Ahu to stretch out present her own musical horizons. Let’s hope the wait isn’t too long for the next record.


Caixa Cubo – Agoro [Jazz & Milk Recordings]

“Agoro” is the new release from the Brazilian trio Caixa Cubo. Their eight track release is a free flowing soundscape of warm rhythms, soft melodies and tenderlyrics. It’s layered on top of burning Brazilian Jazz funk. The opening track “Asase” is a simmering tune filled with hypnotic fender rhodes and a engaging chorus. The title track erupts with boundless energy highlighted by Trumpeter Matthias Schriefl. Schriefl’s flurries are the ying to the bands yang. Joao Fideles’s drumming will lift your feet off the ground and Henrique Gomide’s funky vamping are a warm summer breeze of rhythms. Although the disc wraps up around twenty five minutes, it packs a punch nonetheless. This ia a formidable trio to keep an eye on.


Isatta Sheriff & Koralle – Eat The Kiwi Skin [Melting Pot Music]

Isatta Sheriff & Koralle – Eat The Kiwi Skin [Melting Pot Music]
London born MC Isatta Sheriff teams up with Italian beat maker Koralle. “Eat The Kiwi Skin” is filled with laidback soulful beats reminiscent of their acclaimed 2021 release, “Laid Back”. On “Window Thoughts”, fellow South Londoner MC Lex Amor jumps on board. Amor’s slow emotive tone is an ideal complement to Sheriff’s rapid fire delivery. “For Those Who Love” serenades you with swaying piano melodies and the soothing vocals from Merci. “What You Tellin Me” is classic drum snare boom bap that provides the canvas for Isatta to showcase her unlimited lyrical skills. Koralle’s laid back jazz infused beats have made him a go to producer for a number of hip hop artists. Evidence lies in the number of tasty edits on board here. Meanwhile Isatta has worked with premier talent such as Flying Lotus and Oddisee. If you dig laid back soulful hip hop then this is the lp for you. The arrow is trending upwards for these two.


Inkswel & Colonel Red – Holders Of The Sun Vol.1 [Compost Records]

Producer/beat conductor Inkswel and Colonel Red, aka Redz have collaborated on a number of bangers over the past decade. Inkswel’s thumping beats and Redz edgy falsetto vocals have made for a perfect union. “Holders Of The Sun Vol. 1” builds on that partnersip with more infectious compositions in a variety of tempos. “Hold On 2 it” is a mid-tempo banger with a gorgeous soulful melody. “Make Me Crazy” is a stripped down gentle guitar driven tune. “I’ll Pray” simmers at a brooding pace while Redz delivers thought provoking spoken word. The tempo kicks up a nothc with “Save ya Self”, a burning broken beat heater. Inkswel demonstrates that he’s a superb composer in all manner of styles while Redz reminds us why he’s been one of the premier UK vocalists for the last two decades.


Crackazat – Evergreen [Freerange Records]

“Evergreen” is the latest release from multi-instrumentalist Ben Jacobs, aka Crackazat. The twelve track lp is a bundle of infectious house grooves layered with joyful chords and vibrant melodies. Jacob’s fingerprints are everywhere from tasty guitar licks and electronics to his sparkling falsetto vocals. Among the highlights are “It’s All Different” a delicious house tune that finds Jacobs crooning over a pulsating groove and a heart pounding beat. “True Power” is equally engaging. The bass and drums set up the groove, and Jacobs layers glorious synths on top. If you don’t move to this you need to check your pulse. Overall this is a fantastic voyage of wondrous house tracks that will inspire instant body movement. It’s no wonder that Jacobs is rising up the ranks as one of the premier house producers on the scene today. With the standout London based label Freerange records behind him, the skies the limit.


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