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Wheel Up – We Are The Magic [Tru Thoughts Recordings]

Danny Wheeler aka Wheel Up returns with his sophomore lp “We Are The Magic”. The West London based producer is one of the new torch bearers of the broken beat sound. This album however, is much more than that. The opening track “Infinity” will win you over with warm ethereal vibes. It’s co-produced by Harry Bryson aka Abacus, who brings a touch of drum n bass flavor that he’s known for. The tempo is scaled back a bit but the strings and the wicked bass will take you back to the early days of 4hero. Wheeler has also enlisted an array of superb vocalists that give the tunes wings. On “More Life” Wheeler creates an intimate mood tailor made for the angelic vocals of Victoria Port to draw you into her world of song. Port, one half of the duo Anushka also shines on the title track as well. “Singularity” featuring Steelo will certainly fill a dance floor. It has all the ingredients, a strong groove, infectious drumming, electronics and tasty vocals. Whether he’s dj’ing or producing, Wheeler has his finger on the pulse of club culture. This is another superb release that packs plenty of heat.


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