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Isiah Collier – Parallel Universe [Night Dreamer]

“Parallel Universe”, is the latest release from Chicago native multi-instrumentalist Isiah Collier. This is a spiritual jazz journey that explores the African diaspora and connects the dots from the past to the present. “Village Song” is a thirteen minute spiritual anthem highlighted by Jimetta Rose on vocals and Sonny Daze fiery percussion. “The Lean” is an extended jam session fueled by bassist Micah Collier’s funky groove and Julien Reid’s subtle yet effective keys on top. “The Last Song” is a fitting climax to this voyage. A ten minute mellow roll call filled hazy synths and a slow burning guitar groove. A direct to disc recording, the band simply nails it in one take. Jimetta Rose’s honey soaked vocals shine throughout. Night Dreamer, the London based label has consistently delivered impressive direct to disc recordings and this is no exception. The Ancestors will be pleased and so will you.


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