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Sababa 5 – Aspan [Batov Records]

“Aspan”, the sophomore lp from Sababa 5 dives deeper into psychadelic rock than their impressive debut. The combination of psychadelica and middle Eastern rhythms results in a wave of intoxicating compositions. “Wembley”, the opening track erupts with mind bending synths layered over a hypnotic groove. “Tri Li Li” carries the baton with the same formula with bassist Amir Sadot laying down a simmering groove. “Aeolus” is a laidback mediative composition filled with dreamy soundscapes. Guitarist Llan Smilan’s explorative playing is certain to take you for a ride. Eitan Drabkin’s wizardry on keys is deeply satisfying. There’s plenty of reason to enjoy this disc. The playing is exuberant and the compositions will lift your spirits.


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