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Audrey Powne – From The Fire [BBE Music]

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Melbourne native Audrey Powne delivers her debut lp “From The Fire” on BBE music. The nine track release was written and produced by Powne. “Sleep” is inspired by lucid dreams Powne experienced and how they measured up to her reality. The track is a beautiful piano driven ballad. “Souled Out” is another emotive ballad that features Matt Keagan’s haunting phrasings on baritone sax. Powne’s string arrangements add another layer of emotion that will certainly stir your heart strings. Powne’s dexterity as a multi-instrumentalist are on display here. “Feed The Fire” is a mid-tempo track that showcases her soloing on Trumpet as well as her prowess as a pianist. A marvelous debut that weaves soul, jazz and classical elements seamlessly. Powne is a gifted artist you need to get familiar with.


Harvey Sutherland – Boy [House Anxiety]

Melbourne based producer/pianist Mike Katz aka Harvey Sutherland has dropped a number of EPs since 2014 that demonstrated a flair for soulful grooves and infectious piano rhythms. “Boy”, his full length debut is filled with future funky synth grooves and dreamy rhythms. The title track is a mellow cascade of swirling synths and hazy vibes. The tempo picks up with “Time On My Side”, an ambient fusion of beats and synths. “Age Of Acceleration” goes one step further, the thumping beats and bass set up the groove. Sutherland lays down dazzling synths along with his honey tinged vocals on top. “Angry Young Man” flirts with a boogie groove primed to whip you into a party mood. Recorded between London and Los Angeles which feels approiate. The album certainly has a LA vibe which suits him well here. An impressive release that ensures you’re gonna have a funky good time.


Lance Ferguson – Rare Groove Spectrum, Vol. 2 [Freestyle Records]

New Zealand’s own Lance Ferguson has been one of the most prolific producers of the past two decades. The New Zealand native is notable for his work with the funk and soul band The Bamboos and his spiritual jazz band Menagerie. In addition his solo projects have dived into nu soul and broken beat as well. Ferguson latest, “Rare Groove Spectrum Vol. 2” is a collection of re-works you’re certain to fall in love with all over again. “Far Beyond”, originally crafted by DJ/Producer Dave Lee is an infectious boogie tune. The Carly Simon classic “Why” is re-imagined as a breezy mid tempo jazz pop instrumental. Marcus Valle’s “Estrelar” has been transformed into funky laid-back guitar driven gem that evokes images of lazy sun drenched afternoons. Surrounded by an array of A-list musicians, Ferguson and his band-mates add a level of warmth not previously felt from on the originals. An enjoyable nine track disc that will meet Ferguson’s loyal fans approval. Newcomers will enjoy it as well.


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