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Pie Eye Collective: Salvation [Albert’s Favourites]

Another gem from Albert’s Favourites. The label spearheaded by Adam Scrimshire, Jonny Drop and Dave Koor continues to deliver with genre bending gems. The latest, “Salvation” is the full length debut from Matthew Gordon aka Pie Eye Collective. The ten track lp is a cosmic journey that explores exuberant and moody textures while incorporating elements of electronica, dub and hip-hop. The opening track “Gratitude” blossoms with cascades of ambient soundscapes fused with sketches of trip-hop. “Assimilation” is filled with compulsive hooks and layered with intergalactic synths. MettaShiba adds her dreamy vocals to the atmospheric vibes of “Hymn”. Gordon’s compositions eases into your body and soothes you with warm emotive synths, harmonies and infectious beats. He’s is an emerging talent to keep an eye on.

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