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The Kondi Band: We Famous [Strut]

“We Famous”, the sophomore release from Sierra Leonean native Sorie Kondi, DJ/Producer Chief Boima and Will LV better known as The Kondi Band. The ten track disc are filled with West African rhythms, specifically Freetown Sierra Leone. Boima discovered Kondi through a youtube video and eventually arranged for him to travel to the States. During that visit the duo scheduled five live dates and eventually made their way to the studio. “We Famous”, four years in the making is the follow up to their 2016 debut. “Don’t Follow Sweetness” is an infectious tune highlighting Kondi’s vocals as well as his mastery of the thumb piano. “She Doesn’t Love You” is enhanced by Boima’s use of electronics and features guest vocals from fellow Sierra Leone native Mariama Jalloh. “It’s God’s World” is another dance floor filler with an infectious groove that features Sweatson Klank. This is another winner from Strut records who have a knack for finding hidden gems. None any bigger than Kondi.

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