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MF Robots – Break The Wall [BBE Music]

MF Robots are the duo of Jan Kincaid and Dawn Joseph. If the name Kincaid rings a bell, it’s because he’s one of the founding members of the Iconic UK group The Brand New Heavies. Together the duo has arranged an array of sophisicated funk, soul and disco compositions that are refreshing and downright enjoyable. Notable tracks are “Gold”, an irresistible dance friendly tune filled with lush vocals and funky horns. “Good People” is a mid-tempo stomper with slick keyboards and funky rhythm guitar. The aptly titled “Happy Song” is bursting with sparkling percussion, tasty horns and arm vocal harmonies. In the age of electronics and DIY production, Music For Robots is reminding us how enjoyable the sound of a sparkling rhythm section can be. Add some horns and sweet vocals with heartfelt lyrics and you got a bonafide banger.


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