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Sean Khan – Supreme Love – A Journey Through Coltrane [BBE Music]

With “Supreme Love”, UK saxophonist Sean Khan breathes new life into the timeless recordings of the saxophone colossus John Coltrane. Khan is joined by legendary UK jazz musicians Saxophonist Peter King and guitarist Jim Mullen as they cover different periods in the Tenor titan’s career. Vocalist Heidi Vogel, a supreme vocalist known for her work with the Cinematic Orchestra among others elevates the spiritual recordings of “A Love Supreme” and “Naima”. She equally shines on “Starchild” as well. Khan lets loose on “Cousin Mary”, one of Coltrane’s premiere bebop compositions. Also on board are Kaidi Tatham and Daz I Kue, two old friends from the broken beat movement. Tatham’s remixes on “Starchild” and “Azawala” are notable highlights. Khan’s journey through music has led him to this moment. Covering Coltrane’s work is no easy task but he has met the moment. A marvelous record that shouldn’t be missed.


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