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Julien Dyne – Modes [Soundway Records]

You can always count on an assortment of punchy hypnotic grooves from DJ/Producer Julien Dyne. “Modes”, his latest release is no exception. Dyne’s fifth full length lp features his signature sonic production as well as a few of New Zealand’s premier vocalists. “The More I Get The Less I have to Pay” features Semisi Ma’i’ai from the band Marlins Dreaming. Ma’i’ai’s soft feathery vocals are layered seamlessly alongside the sunny percussion powered arrangements. “With You” is filed with thoughtful infectious house grooves to support the soulful vocals of Allysha Joy. “Windows”, featuring Tim Guy and Nkechi erupts with propulsive percussion and sparkling keys that will summon all to the dance floor. Other notable heavyweights include Joe Dukie, Ladi6, Mara TK and more. Dyne started working on this project during the first lockdown of 2020 and provides the antidote for an upward moodswing. This is a superb collection of house inspired compositions filled with warmth and depth that’s worthy of your attention.

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