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Deborah Jordan & K15 – Human [Futuristica Music]

“Human” is the collaborative project from pianist/producer Kieron Ifill aka K15 and vocalist Deborah Jordan. K15 has produced a number of tracks for Jordan’s solo work in the past but this is their first full length project. What the two have in common is their ability to stir the depths of our emotions through their compositions. Whether through his jazz quintet Culross Close or his house & broken beat projects, K15’s compositions sink into your body and lift your spirits. Jordan’s lush vocals and heartfelt lyrics have always strum the heartstrings since her early work on Silhouette Brown with Dego and Kaidi Tatham. The way they they play together feels complimentary musically and the result is a gorgeous collection of thought provoking compositions. As the song titles suggest, this project explores the various layers of humanity, diving into an array of emotions that make us vulnerable. “Heartbroken” kicks off with a subtle down-tempo hip-hop beat that creates a canvas for Jordan’s blissful vocals. On “Fragility” Ifill opens with a slinky beat followed by tender chords and warm melodies. Jordan laments about the fragile state we find ourselves in the world today. The album goes on like this, delivering one engaging track after another. It’s a marvelous record you shouldn’t miss.


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