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Allysha Joy – Torn Tonic [First Word Records]

“Torn Tonic” is the second full length solo release from Melbourne based artist Allysha Joy. Joy who produced this album also serves as a member of the collective 30/70. In addition she’s a frequent guest on a number of emerging Australian artists in an burgeoning music scene. The ten track release is loaded with superb down-tempo compositions that showcase her husky vocals and her lyrical prowess. “Calling You” is a warm composition that features another talented lyricist in her own right in London based vocalist Ego Ella May. “Still Dreaming” is a sonic soulful gem enhanced by Rara Zulu’s melodic phrasings. Joy’s keyboard arrangements are soothing and hypnotic. An introspective LP where Joy tackles personal, social and political issues. It’s a triumph to find her transcending through trying times and finding joy, no pun intended on the other side. Let’s shine a light on this multi-talented artist. All she does is create timeless recordings. This album is no exception.

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