Sampology: Regrowth [Middle Name Records]

On the strength of two impressive EPs, Brisbane native DJ/Producer Sampology embarks on an atmospheric journey with “Regrowth”. The disc is filled with sublime recordings intended to heal the soul during these trying times. “Suffer and Swim” is one of many highlights, a warm and blissful composition heightened by warm guitar rhythms courtesy of Beau Diako and the blissful vocals of 30/70 member Allysha Joy. “Reassemble” is another delight that features James Chatburn’s soft falsetto vocals layered over tender guitar strokes and subtle horn arrangements. “Ten Foot Flowers” starts out with spiritual hymns laced with hypnotic tenor sax melodies that gives way to a brooding mid-tempo groove. Once again Austrailia blesses us with an essential album from their deep pool of emerging artists. While the first EPs featured tasty doses of sampling, “Regrowth” flourishes with live instrumentation throughout. As I was listening to this record, I was instantly transported to somewhere on a beach comforted by a warm Summer breeze. Your imagination may take you somewhere else but not without this marvelous record.