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Scrimshire: Nothing Feels Like Everything [Albert’s Favourites]

Adam Scrimshire has been quite busy. Fresh off the sterling release of “Believers Vol.1” he was all set to work on Vol.2. Instead the lockdown shifted his plans. It didn’t slow down his production but like the rest of us, it did affect his emotional state. The feeling of lost and sadness would eventually become the seeds for “Nothing Feels Like Everything”. There’s loads of atmospheric gems here that will stroke your heartstrings. Like “Believers Vol.1” the guess list is beyond impressive. The opener “The Pile” erupts with soft percussion intertwined with folksy guitar and swaying strings. Virtuoso vocalist Cleveland Watkiss sings about life in a post George Floyd world. The hauntingly beautiful “Heron” blossoms with a slow burning melody highlighted by the blissful vocals of Miryam Solomon. “Within Without”, one of many exceptional instrumentals starts out with heavenly strings. From that point the groove is driven by Jessica Lauren’s melodic flourishes on Fender rhodes, Huw Marc Bennett on bass and Emanative on percussion. Only nine tracks here but goodness, each tune is superb. Even in those moments of emptiness, something beautiful emerges. Scrimshire once again delivers another winner that you shouldn’t miss.

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