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Sons Of The Sun – Sons Of The Sun [BBE Music]

“Sons Of The Son is the duo of Jtronius and Maverick Quest. Texas based vocalist Jtronius (Joshua Taylor) has built an underground following while London based Maverick Quest has worked with an impressive array of musicians in his own right. Their self titled debut is filled with hot buttered funk and soul compositions. Evidence of that can be heard on “Oceanside”, way too short at a minute and thirty seconds. Long enough however to display their pulse on psychedelic funk. The track is ignited by a seductive guitar groove and a swaying chorus. “Underwater Dreaming” finds Jtronius crooning to a bouncy mid-tempo beat serenaded by sweet syrupy horns. The finale “Shine Like The Sun” is slow minimalist moody funk. Jtronious’s soulful falsetto has plenty of swagger. Add a funky cohesive rhythm section and now you’re onto something. These two have a good thing going here. Let’s hope this is just the beginning of more to come.


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