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The After Suite / Elan Mehler

Elan Mehler - The After Suite

Brownswood Recordings

After an impressive debut with “Scheme for thought” on the Brownswood label, Elan Mehler returns with the gorgeous “The After Suite”. Elan’s sophomore release reaches higher degrees of sublimity than the first disc. Each composition is rich in harmony and is augmented by the inclusion of vocalists, particularly Becca Stevens. Her phrasing is so soothing on tracks like “Factory” and “The 54th Leap” and each is simply superb. “The After Suite Part 2” is another tune that strikes that delicate balance between powerful and tenderness. “Strange Bird” is a stirring solo that is a glorious display of Elan’s supreme talents. I could go on about but you need to experience the sheer beauty of this record for yourself. Quite simply, this is an absolute gem that you shouldn’t miss.

Reg Dancy, 09/09