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Belle Et Fou / Jazzanova

Jazzanova - Belle Et Fou

Sonar Kollektiv

Driving into Leeds before Christmas with a friend and I put the "Belle Et Fou" cd on. To our surprise we heard the voice of someone who sounds so much like Barry White, I wondered if I was playing the right cd, or had Jazzanova really done a track with the legend. We finally found the cd cover to discover it was Capital A. What a way to grab your attention and the quality just continued. Micatone, Clara Hill, Thief and Georg Levin sound a treat, with covers from the Jazzanova back catalogue and loving homage to many of the greats. Jazzanova spent five months working on this project to create the soundtrack, which was then used for the theatrical show aired last year. I just wish I'd known about this a little earlier. It's great to see artists like Jazzanova and Legends of the Underground taking projects like this to a new level and audience, which will have a great effect on the scene as a whole. This will certainly keep fans of the collective happy until their new album arrives later this year.

Simon Harrison, 01/07